Guess Who’s Coming At Dinner? (Dinosaur Erotica Romance)

Guess Who’s Coming At Dinner? (Dinosaur Erotica Romance)
"British accents do that to me too, although not generally at dinner parties. I loved the set-up/backstory; it’s pretty much the only dino-porn scenario that makes actual sense. A fun read."


Genre: Dinosaur Erotica / Dinosaur Romance Stories

When Jessica met Michael, a man altered by cloning technology, she couldn’t resist his charm, his scaly skin, his masculine claws, and oh, that British accent!

They have a perfect love, but Jessica’s friends aren’t so sure. When the happy couple visits the “open-minded” Robert and Liz, the friends must confront their racism against dinosaurs.

How can Robert and Liz prove that they aren’t bigots? Michael has an idea. Their hosts must watch as the man in the shape of a dinosaur and their friend Jessica go at it right on their white linen tablecloth. It’s a dinner party you won’t forget.

This 7,700-word dinosaur erotica story contains detailed explicit descriptions of dinner sex between a female and a genetically modified human who resembles a dinosaur.

It’s intended for the enjoyment of adult readers only (especially those who love dino erotica).