Edward Monster (Pulp Friction Supernatural Romance): Shifter Heat

Edward Monster (Pulp Friction Supernatural Romance): Shifter Heat
You don't have to be normal to read this book.

But if your definition of normal is roast Griffin or a scorched spider stew, it helps. I loved this book. While it did contain extraordinary heat, it was also well written with not just vivid descriptions, but real personality. The reader gets a real feeling for Mary and not feeling normal. To us, she is probably gorgeous, but as a monster, she has no traits that show her any different. This really affects her, and makes her more than a bit self conscious about herself.

As the plot progresses, the author leaves enough foreshadowing around Edward that we can guess what is happening with him without needing to read from his perspective.

I think I will be checking out more of this author in the future.


Genre: Paranormal Romance / Stand Alone Supernatural

As the ‘ugly’ one in the family, Mary has always felt a little insecure, an issue that was only enforced when she went away to college and everyone there kept staring at her. The men, boys really, at her school were an unattractive lot with not a single vampire, werewolf or real monster among them!

Thankfully, Mary is going home where the house is dark, the shelves are dusty and the people normal. Though her Aunt and Uncle have returned to the Old Country, her non-blood related cousin, Little Edward Monster, is still roaming the house…. Except Edward isn’t so little anymore. The silver fanged man has fully grown into his Monster blood and the tempting package may prove too much for Mary to resist.

Note: This is a stand alone 9000+ word love story.